A Typical Pre-School Session

We also offer full day sessions from 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday – Friday.
If you would like to reserve a place for your child please speak to a member of staff.

We operate a “free flow” system whereby the garden area is regarded as an extension of indoors and children are encouraged to play outside and engage in outdoor activities at any time during the session. Outdoor activities include physical play (bikes, cars, climbing frame, etc) with opportunities to support the understanding of science and nature using plants, wildlife, water and sand.

We offer a wonderful choice of activities using a vast range of different creative materials and methods including painting, drawing, writing, singing, sticking, collage, mural & mark making, reading and dressing up. Children can use and play with lots of toys, role-play food/shop items, construction and numerical games, books, puzzles, messy play and we often make food, soft dough, crafts and displays. During every activity we pride ourselves on really encouraging conversation, opening up the world of words and numbers. We discuss not only feelings, opinions and ideas but will also explore how the world around us works so that the children become relaxed, happy, knowledgeable and confident. We have an extraordinary amount of fun whilst being respectful and kind to one another.

Every term we carefully plan our sessions so activities are based around a variety of fun, educational themes. In addition to this we adapt activities daily so that they specifically relate to the likes, needs and challenges of each individual child who is attending that day.

All hot meals are cooked by the Scarning Primary School kitchen. All orders for school meals must be placed at the pre-school in advance or ordered by 9.20am on the morning of the meal. Menu is available on request.